the Summit

Goal fitting is the science of knowing where you are going. The joyous angels of Christmas once sang GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, and so now we present this brief capsule of God’s Dream for the Summit of Man’s Being, whereby he may ever reach for the Light emanating from the Father’s House.

The Summit is practical, built on the bedrock of Christed Intelligence.  It accepts the best in life, in religion, in science, in the humanities, in “just plain” people, who love God and desire to dream with Him of a better world as an ever-present reality.

We seek to provide a Cup of Communion offered from below to our Brothers ‘on High’ whereby we might receive and retain the Oil of Divine Love, Facility and Peace. By this mutual endeavor mankind unascended may find the road that leads upward, defying the downward trends of gravity, rising gently but firmly at varying paces. For some The Summit provides chambers of solitude for moments of quiet thought, and for others the soul-shaking impetus of God’s Word made manifest for today.

Come Apart to Be A Separate People

Neither Rome nor the New Jerusalem is built in a day. Ours is the work of the swiftly flying moments, the days, the years – and even the centuries. The Summit is continually being organized by Higher Intelligences to open the way for a massive spiritual exodus out of the delusions of the present and all past ages. It seeks the bounty of Freedom for every man, either in the lofty pursuit of his own religion or in the “coming apart” to be a separate people wholly dedicated to the Summit experiences of life.

The name “Summiteer” was given by one of our members as descriptive of those who seek the experience of total reunion with God, which can only be attained as men will to leave the false landmarks and rise to the very heights of their own God potential. There is a niche for all in the Summit, just as in the sunlight of Truth there is a place for all the rays; those helpers who wish to give a hand to others on the Path find their reward through The Summit that leads Home to Peace, Progress, and Power restored.

There is a place for those who need help, instruction, healing and an outworking together of Love, which transcends the shattering impact of diverse doctrines, religious speculation and casuistry.

The Summit of Every Man

Here all can assemble under the canopy of one God, to seek and to find that Glory to God in the Highest which is the SUMMIT of every man—the search, the seeker and the attainment merging into self – transcending planes of Identity. The veils part and new Hope is born as one incorporates the written or spoken Word released in the ever-present “Now” from the Ascended Masters’ Realm.

 A Dream of Union with God

The Summit is a Dream of Union with God, Whom we have not wholly seen, for He transcends every attempt to capture His beauty. The Summit is the Dream of God in Man, God’s Dream of reflected Victory – that which is Above manifesting below as Hope, which spurs men on until each victory won completes some phase of his immaculate design.

An Eternal Goal is the Summit Dream of God, organized in human consciousness and among men solely for the purposes of dissemination of Truth and Cosmic Education, solely for amalgamation of heart with heart, as a union of Hope, which teaches Divine Friendship to both child and child-man.

This is but a glimpse of The Summit. Much is still hidden from our eyes, but God is revealing His Plan day by day, from Glory unto Glory, even by His Spirit.

(A talk given by the Messenger Mark Prophet in 1965 at Beacon’s Head, Virginia).

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