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As a spiritual warrior, you understand there is a presence of evil on earth. And it is up to a spiritual warrior to recognize this evil, how it is created and what you can do about it.

Evil must be challenged by the power of Light. Learn the power of protecting your light, and also how to perform the guardian action needed to protect the children of Light – the lightbearers of the world.

Our prayer as a committed spiritual warrior is to see the kingdom of God manifest. We pray for the victory of light as the deliverance by God because freedom is honored as the divine inheritance of all. And that freedom comes because not only are we a part of God, but we are a manifestation of God.

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"I would like to testify to the power of the spoken Word in my personal life....

I can only testify from my heart that the Messenger is the true Messenger of God. And I am eternally grateful to her for her unfailing love and for paving the way so that we can have these wonderful teachings that can work miracles in our lives and that will change a world.”

Thanksgiving for Blessings Worth More Than All the Gold in the World

“Words cannot express what you, the Ascended Masters and our Community have meant to me throughout the years…. All my love and gratitude to you.”

“Jesus Healed My Heart”

“I desire to share with you a deep and profound healing I received from beloved Jesus…. I realized that Jesus had healed my broken heart and I could hear him tell me, “It is because you love the children.”

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The Dream of God for the Summit

Goal fitting is the science of knowing where you are going. The joyous angels of Christmas once sang GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, and so now we present this brief capsule of God’s Dream for the Summit of Man’s Being, whereby he may ever reach for the Light emanating...

Keys to Contact Your Higher Self

Throat Chakra - Your Power CenterViolet Flame RaysBalancing KarmaHere are spiritual tools to contact your higher self. These are key tools you can use to make progress on your spiritual path right now and rise above the worldly culture. Using these Tools you can Learn...

How to Contact Inner Teachers

Jesus The ChristKuthumiYou have three opportunities in a single lifetime to find and contact your inner teachers, the Ascended Masters. After the third contact, you are left alone for the rest of that life... I clearly remember the three times I was exposed to the...

Our Mission Our Work

The spiritual warrior ties themselves to God through devotion.


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