Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Elizabeth Clare Prophet (1939–2009) was trained as a Messenger for the Ascended Masters while married to Mark Prophet. She spent almost forty years of her life dedicated to writing the books, lectures, dictations and spiritual prayers (decrees) as they were received from the Masters.

She said of herself and her path:
“I am the servant of the light in all students of the ascended masters and in all people.

“I do not claim to be a master nor do I claim to be perfect in my human self. I am but the instrument of the Ascended Masters.

“My books and writings are intended to give people the opportunity to know the truth that can make them free—so they can find God without me.

“My mission is to take true seekers, in the tradition of the masters of the Far East (which Jesus exemplified), to the level of consciousness where they can meet their teachers face to face.”

We who sat at her feet and studied under her understood she had a close personal relationship with the Ascended Masters. She exemplified the Mother and so we chose to call her “Mother.”

Her lectures, books and writings present the teachings of the ascended masters and gave us the inner and outer understanding of the mystical, spiritual path.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters bring us the lost teachings of Jesus, the practical spirituality of Buddhism and Hinduism, and the spiritual principles behind all the major religions.

These teachings are the guide for overcoming your human nature, for growing into and uniting with your Higher Self, and how to live a life of service resulting in winning your ascension back to the Heart of God.

Mother left behind an enduring legacy of the Teachings, intended to guide us with Truth and Wisdom so we grow into the Light and higher understanding of the path back to God.

God Is in You!

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