To Spiritual Warriors Seeking
Higher Consciousness

Why Using Jesus Healing Service
May Actually Increase Our Power
as Spiritual Warriors.


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Jesus the Christ

Are You A Spiritual Warrior?

Can you see yourself as a spiritual warrior?

The promise of this healing service is to protect our higher consciousness, the release of spiritual power known as our Christ Consciousness, the level of awareness which ties us to God.

When we give this healing service, we become an army of light invoking the love and illumination needed to expand every lightbearer’s awareness of “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

This ritual is given as a verbal prayer, saying aloud our requests and prayers so they will come into physical manifestation, because every word we speak is alive and will come into physical form.

It is the spoken word given in the name of Jesus and the Lord God which can create the sudden expansion of illumination and understanding that we are one in heart.

We call to Jesus and the hosts of heaven to assist us as we pray for blessings without limit upon the souls of all people, for we cannot do this alone.

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Our Mission Our Work

path to God

Do You Want to Be a Spiritual Warrior?

     As a spiritual warrior, you understand there is a presence of evil on earth. And it is up to a spiritual warrior to recognize this evil, how it is created and what you can do about it.

     Evil must be challenged by the power of Light. Learn the power of protecting your light, and also how to perform the guardian action needed to protect the children of Light – the lightbearers of the world.

    Our prayer as a committed spiritual warrior is to see the kingdom of God manifest. We pray for the victory of light as the deliverance by God because freedom is honored as the divine inheritance of all. And that freedom comes because not only are we a part of God, but we are a manifestation of God.

Here’s What You’ll Experience Using Jesus’ Healing Service:

  • How to Begin Your Conscious Healing
  • How to Attune Your Mind & Align Your Energies with Higher Consciousness
  • Why Using the Spoken Word is Key to Healing
  • Forces of Evil Are Present in the Earth and Continue to Exist
  • What You Can Do About Evil
  • Why You Want to Ask for Divine Assistance

“Watch with Me” Jesus Healing Vigil How it Works

We are One in Spirit

This healing service empowers us with light, releasing spiritual power so God’s kingdom can manifest as divine reality now.

The “Watch with Me” Jesus Vigil is a Meditation

You go within your heart to inner stillness while you give this healing service out loud. This healing service is a way to keep the faith using a new method of prayer which is proven to you through its use.

Prayer is the Avenue of Light between Heaven and earth

Prayer is the open door through which all blessings flow. This is a world prayer service which many others also give in order to anchor divine assistance for the planet and its people. People of all faiths can unite in this world prayer service.

Your Opportunity to Increase Light

The Jesus Vigil healing service is an opportunity for you to build up spiritual light in your being for personal inner healing as well as providing planetary protection for the Christ consciousness in all lightbearers.

These are Promises for Today

* You are the One Who Unfolds Your Latent Spiritual Power

If you want to experience what it means to be a spiritual warrior, you open the door for yourself which leads to immortal octaves. You have this opportunity each time you use this healing service.

* Jesus will be with Us as we Give this Blessed Healing Service.

  • Jesus said: “I am always with you whenever you give the Watch with Me One Hour vigil.”
  • He further said: “I place my Electronic Presence (the Mantle of Light of the Master) over you whenever … you give our Jesus’ Watch with Me One Hour.”

Jesus tells us in the Bible: “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

These are The Promises

These are promises for today as Jesus is present in spirit every time you give this healing service. You can experience his healing mantle, his great mantle of Light over you during this service.

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