Jesus the Christ

Jesus The Christ

Inner Teacher


You have three opportunities in a single lifetime to find and contact your inner teachers, the Ascended Masters. After the third contact, you are left alone for the rest of that life…

I clearly remember the three times I was exposed to the Masters. The first two times were when I was attending medical school. I was not yet ready.

But then, right after graduating and becoming a doctor (a Naturopathic doctor), I had my final opportunity and I enthusiastically jumped in with all my being.

I was blessed to attend my very first service at the Headquarters in Calabasas, California. I became a Keeper of the Flame immediately and over many years have joined additional orders in the organization.

Jesus and Kuthumi are the World Teachers.

These masters answer the prayers of millions, from any religion. You can experience the blessings of their teachings in two books: Corona Class Lessons and Prayer and Meditation. Kuthumi wrote the first book I read: The Human Aura.

In Prayer & Meditation, you learn how to contact God. Using prayer and meditation, these two masters will help you experience spiritual renewal.

Corona Class Lessons are fundamentals of a spiritual path.

Victory said to us: “Think not that you can get here and there on earth what the Masters are able to give you from above and in their retreats. Therefore seek the highest Teachers and be the best taught among earth’s evolutions.

El Morya

El Morya

Saint Germain

Saint Germain

El Morya – the Beloved sponsor of our organization.

The Teacher of our teachers – Mark L. & Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He is the one who offered his jewel, a large yellow diamond from his turban, as collateral for the sponsoring of The Summit Lighthouse. Without him, all these teachings, this blessed organization would not have come into being…

You can read about him in Morya I where Mother (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) says: “I loved him before I knew him.”

You can read his book: The Chela and the Path, Keys to Soul Mastery in the Aquarian Age. This little book helps answer “Who am I, really? Why am I here? Where am I going and how do I get there?” El Morya outlines the path to successfully achieve your victory and win your ascension.

Saint Germain is the Master Alchemist and Hierarch of the Aquarian Age.

Just as Jesus appeared 2,000 years ago to demonstrate the path of Christ Mastery, so Saint Germain brings the gift of the violet flame of freedom, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual as tools we can use to implement the new energy of the new times.

Saint Germain and Portia bring us the dispensation of the violet flame for world freedom and world change. The shift is already happening. We must clean up our personal energy while we are also spiritual warriors who help clean up negative energy in the world.

Saint Germain wrote his book on Alchemy so you can change yourself into your Higher Self and be an alchemist in this life. In this book, he gives you the formula for the precipitation into the physical of whatever you desire.

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