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Balancing Karma

Here are spiritual tools to contact your higher self. These are key tools you can use to make progress on your spiritual path right now and rise above the worldly culture.

Using these Tools you can Learn how to:

  • Pursue your Christ consciousness,
  • Overcome limitations of your lower self and
  • Attain reunion with your God Presence in the Ritual of the Ascension.

The following are Practices to Use on your Spiritual Path:

1. Using The Spoken Word is KEY to Accessing Power to Create Change

When God spoke – the Universe was created (Gen. 1:3).

Therein lies the secret to the power of the Word.

When you learn about this power, you, too can begin to create change in your life because words are the creative power of God. Every word you speak comes into manifestation.

Once you truly understand this concept, you are beginning to master the art and the science of the spoken word as taught by the Ascended Masters.

This art combines

  • prayer,
  • mantras,
  • affirmations,
  • meditation and
  • visualization

to create Dynamic Decrees.

Decrees are spoken petitions to God. You enter into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God. Have you ever imagined this could be possible?

When you give the spoken word as decrees, you are commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter.

A decree creates change according to the Will of God.

A decree is a spoken prayer used to direct God’s Light into individual and world situations.

When you decree, you are communing, communicating and commanding.

  • You are commanding God’s light to enter your world for change.
  • You are directing God to send His Light into action for personal and world transformation.

Decrees are the most powerful form of invoking God’s light to create change in the world.

2. Learn Secrets to Balancing Your Karma

Everyone is here on this planet because we have debts we owe, we have karma to balance. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning “act, action, work or deed.” Our karma both good and bad, is a result of all energy we have sent out into this plane.

Karma is the active principle of sowing and reaping. We sow when we send out energy, which we are doing every moment of every day through our thoughts, words and deeds. We reap then everything we send out because that energy returns to us.

We return for another life, another round when hopefully we can daily balance more karma than we make.

Every morning when you get up, a basket or a bundle of energy lands on the doorstep of your life. This is the daily allotment of energy you are given to balance and make right.

Unfortunately, most people make more karma every day instead of working on cleaning up and balancing their karma so they have less negative karma.

So, the Law of Karma means you keep returning for another life, another opportunity for you to pay the debt and balance all misuse of God’s light, energy and consciousness. This is also the Law of Love.

There are several ways to balance karma:

Making use of the gift of the violet flame is the easiest way to balance your karma.

Violet flame

St. Germain in Violet Flame

walking a spiritual path

WHY are you here?

3. Use Violet flame Decrees for Positive Change

Now you can begin the powerful alchemy of using the spoken word to create positive change in your world through giving violet flame decrees.

The violet flame is just that – it is a flame of God given to us from beloved Saint Germain. He had to apply for permission to educate the people of God on earth about this secret tool. This tool has been in use in the mystery schools for eons. But outside of the Adepts aware of its potency and using it power for beneficial change, the people of God have been unaware of the violet flame until the 1930’s.

The violet flame is the seventh-ray and it is a flame of freedom. This flame is closest to the physical plane. It frees you because the violet flame is sacred fire that transmutes negative karma.

The violet flame is the energy of transmutation, freedom and forgiveness.

When the violet flame is invoked using the Science of the Spoken Word, it brings about constructive change in every aspect of your life.

The power for change available to you when you begin to give daily violet flame decrees is unimaginable to the uninitiated. You truly can become a new person in Christ. You can overcome bad habits, change your aura, your emotions, your mental state, etc. when you give violet flame decrees.

So, please learn and give these decrees. If you can begin to give the violet flame fifteen minutes a day, you move to the head of the line. You balance your daily karma, then you start balancing karma from your past.

4. WHY are You Here?

Before we entered the birth canal and began this life, we made promises. We promised there were certain things we would accomplish before the end of this life.

Those promises are called your “Dharma.”

Dharma is your promise or duty to fulfill your reason for being.

So, WHY are you here?

You have a sense whether or not you are working on your Divine Plan, your purpose in life. You made a promise to do a work for God. Are you doing that work?

If you are not working on your dharma, why not?

Around the age of 22, I spent a lot of time pondering what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I knew it would require going back to school and getting another degree.

Eventually I took a trip across the USA by bus in a search for this purpose. And then I read about Naturopathic Medicine in a book in a bookstore. The book was actually about alternative medicine in Britain!

But, as soon as I read about Naturopathic Medicine, I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing. And now the search was really on. I had to find the school, enter it and eventually graduate as a Naturopathic Doctor, all of which I did by age 27.

So, you see, life can lead you on unexpected adventures as you pursue your life back to God.

Why are you here is your answer to finding and fulfilling your reason for being, pursuing your divine plan.

Then when your dharma is fulfilled and you have balanced enough of your karma, now you are eligible for the ascension.


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