Jesus Healing Service

People of faith believe

the Answer to Every Problem may be Found with God because

Prayer has the Power to

– Assuage your fears
– Mellow your consciousness
– Help you gain strength
– Help you experience a greater sense of the Infinite
– Create an understanding of your place in God’s scheme of things.

Jesus watches with us as the entire world is experiencing testing and trials. The ongoing return of karma (our debt to life) is felt by all. However, by engaging in prayer, meditation, decrees and song we can find answers to every problem.

Jesus places his great mantle of Light over us when we give this healing service. Jesus, through us, will deliver the momentum of Light to swallow up the darkness.

In order to turn issues and problems around, you can consciously access the higher etheric plane through prayer, songs, meditation, visualization and decree work. And the work you do when you give this healing service with Jesus uses all these powerful techniques so you can create change and healing in the world.

This service provides healing through prayer, mediation and using the spoken word.

The most Powerful Healing Prayers are included in this service such as

  • The I AM Lord’s Prayer,
  • The Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus Christ and
  • Calls to the Archangels.

Your soul is in need of healing.

Healing begins in the etheric plane, in your etheric body. You can access this higher plane of consciousness using the power of the spoken word, prayer and meditation all of which are found in this inner healing service: “Watch with Me” Vigil of the Hours with Jesus.

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