Welcome to Spiritual Warriors Seeking Higher Consciousness


There is a war going on for the souls and Spirit of people.

The spiritual warrior is anyone who believes in an inner connection with the Presence of God and in the power of that spirituality.

The Spiritual Warrior is someone who:

  • Recognizes the presence of evil and is willing to do combat with all error to clear the way for the Light of God to expand in every heart.
  • Fearlessly defends themselves and their world against every enemy, within or without.
  • Understands they have to slay their lesser self.
  • Recognizes the need to learn from a Teacher.
  • Ponders on the reason for being and what their divine purpose might be.
  • Pursues the action of violet flame until their entire energy field is filled with violet flame.

If you recognize yourself as someone who wants to grow spiritually 
while learning how to challenge evil and its presence in the earth, 
you are in the right place.

Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.

Come Join Our Band of Spiritual Warriors Who Want to Heal the World…

Are You A Spiritual Warrior?

The spiritual warrior sees the evil in the world and is willing to take a stand.

The active spiritual warrior effects change using specific spiritual tools and practices because they want to improve themselves while using their energy to help others and to create change in the world.

The spiritual warrior understands they serve to help set people free.

We are warriors of the spirit who serve people like you who are ready to learn how to be a spiritual warrior.
We have been using spiritual tools and practices for more than 40 years.
Along the way we have learned how to be the best person possible as we do the spiritual work to help change the world.
We believe people have the power to change themselves and that world change is absolutely necessary.
It is past time to challenge evil and the evil doers on planet earth.
As a person of God, a spiritual warrior, we must take a stand to anchor God’s Light in the world.

Our Mission

We serve the Light of God and its Presence in the Lightbearers of the world.

We help you:

  • Learn the Way of the Ascended Masters.
  • Learn a daily spiritual practice which really helps you and the world.
  • Learn how to be a balanced spiritually evolving person while living in this material world.

If you have the desire to be a spiritual warrior, we believe you will love the Way of the Ascended Masters.

If this resonates with you, welcome home.

We are so glad you stopped by. Heaven works overtime to find someone like you.

When you are ready, start with The Way of The Ascended Masters series. You will be glad you did.

Come see what this dynamic, inner spiritual path is like in action.

Sister Elisabeth

– The Summit Lighthouse of Tucson

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